How to Solve the Marketing Skills Gap In Your Company


A few weeks ago I was talking to Maureen Blandford about marketers, marketing technology, and the need for all of us to move faster.

Our conversation turned to skill sets and the current digital and technology skills gap in marketing today. A thought I had in that conversation has been gnawing at me since: “Today’s marketers don’t have the aptitude for marketing technology.” [Read more...]

6 Ways B2B Marketers Are Falling Short Today

Marketing Roller CoasterAs I came back from the B2B Marketing Innovation Summit, put on by Demandbase, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we aren’t doing enough. That I’m not doing enough.

Sure, marketing is changing faster today than it did yesterday. Blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter how fast marketing is changing! The real question is “how are you changing?”

Here are six areas that struck me. No, they aren’t new. But they are places many B2B marketers, including myself, should be doing so much more. [Read more...]

Top 3 Media Buying Mistakes B2B Marketers Make

Wrong Way -- B2B Marketing Mistakes

Sometimes the best advice and perspective doesn’t come from the public figures we hear at conferences or see quoted in publications. It comes from the people who are hands on, doing the work in a wide range of situations.

Toby HudsonToby is one of those guys. You probably don’t know Toby, but maybe you should. He recently joined Business Insider as the Sales Director for the Southeast, after a number of years with CBSi, parent to B2B technology focused properties ZDNet and TechRepublic (among others). Like many of the people I work with at publishers, Toby works on more programs in a month than many of us work on in a year and that position gives him first hand insight into what is working, and what isn’t, at scale. [Read more...]

5 2015 Predictions Only a B2B Marketer Would Care About

It is that time of year again. The time when predictions of the obvious abound and resolutions are quickly broken.

I’ll spare you my New Year’s resolutions (well, most of them at least, read on). Instead, here are my five B2B marketing predictions for 2015.

1. Predictive Marketing Goes Mainstream

Predictive marketing is already a hot space, but it hasn’t hit its mainstream stride yet as a solution for B2B marketers to segment and prioritize leads for marketing and sales. In 2015, that will change. Predictive marketing solutions like Lattice Engines, Mintigo or 6sense will move beyond the biggest marketers and earliest adopters and will be nearly as common as marketing automation among mid-sized and large enterprise B2B marketers.

As they enter the mainstream, predictive marketing companies will also become acquisition targets. Look for one of the “marketing cloud” companies (i.e. Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce) to acquire one of today’s predictive marketing companies in 2015.

2. Speed Is Crowned King

Content has lost its crown, it is no longer the great difference maker. Context never owned it. In 2015, the winners will have the agility of the smallest marketers and the get it done capacity of the largest.

Marketers that succeed will be the ones that strive to move as quickly as their audience. They will use what they are learning from marketing performance and what is happening in the world right now to communicate in ways that are uniquely impactful and relevant right now.

Watch for terms like growth hacking and agile marketing to become more popular in the B2B marketing space in 2015.

3. Influencers Bite Marketers

Influencer marketing may be hot, but many B2B marketers aren’t ready for the heat. They are still talking about themselves and not willing to acknowledge just how undifferentiated, or even behind, their offering is. Influencers will see through the marketing pitch and turn on companies that treat them like mouthpieces for hire, exposing shortcomings in their product or in how they are being treated.

And remember, these are the same people you are wooing because of their influence with our audience. That means the bite will hurt. Ouch.

I had a taste of this last year when a company asked me to sign an agreement saying I would not publish anything negative about them, in exchange for an advanced preview of their offering. I declined to sign the agreement.

4. B2B Marketers Embrace Clickbait

If your marketing can’t deliver traffic, it can’t deliver leads and sales. And so, we’ve come full circle, back to the days when dot-bust companies touted eyeballs as the measure of their value.

In the drive for pageviews and social shares, marketers will run to clickbait in an attempt to “optimize” their program. The drive to move faster (see #2) will just make the problem worse. Watch for headlines like “you won’t believe,” “the one thing” and “don’t want you to know” to migrate from classic clickbait sites and spammy ads to mainstream B2B marketers you never would have expected it from a year ago.

Next year, we will be talking about a return to straight forward communication and focusing on reaching the right audience with a mutually beneficial premise. Hopefully you will get there a year ahead of schedule.

5. Customer Experience Rises to Prominence

As marketers, all the outbound communication we painstakingly plan, implement and measure has a small impact once someone uses our product or engages with sales or service. That real, hands-on experience trumps, overriding both positive and negative perceptions we had formed.

2015 will (finally) be the year marketing wakes up to the importance of the total customer experience, not just the experience we shape as part of a marketing program. This experience, not a communication program, is what will drive advocacy (ok, that’s a bonus #6).

And One Resolution

Ok, I said I would spare you all but one New Year’s resolution, so here it is: write more, particularly here on this blog, than I did in 2014. I published 19 times here last year, down from 70+ in 2013 (and even more in years prior). So the good news (for me): at least I haven’t set my target all that high. If there is something you’d like to see me cover here, send me an email at eric at

Photo credit: alexkerhead via Flickr

One change that dramatically improved B2B marketing results

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cash register
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To get on my mailing list, you not only had to sign up, you probably had to dig the Mailchimp confirmation out of your spam folder to confirm your opt-in! That was an active decision.

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