How to Solve the Marketing Skills Gap In Your Company


A few weeks ago I was talking to Maureen Blandford about marketers, marketing technology, and the need for all of us to move faster.

Our conversation turned to skill sets and the current digital and technology skills gap in marketing today. A thought I had in that conversation has been gnawing at me since: “Today’s marketers don’t have the aptitude for marketing technology.”

We continue to hear about the skills gap in marketing today and marketers are continuing to get trained on technology. But it isn’t closing the gap. If anything, as we rely more on technology in marketing, the gap is actually getting worse! Why?

Because today’s marketers don’t want to deal with technology.

I complete my time sheets because I have to. It is a requirement, and I’ll here about it from my boss if I don’t. I don’t love doing my timesheets. I have no passion for it. (Well, actually I do, but it isn’t a good kind).

Many marketers approach technology the way I approach timesheets. It is a functional requirement. Just one more thing they need to deal with in their day. This is why we are facing a shortage of the skills we need today, and the situation continues to get worse.

The solution to today’s marketing skills gap isn’t training. It is hiring people who are genuinely interested in and curious about marketing technology. People that look for ways technology can solve their challenges and aren’t phased by using technology in new or unexpected ways. 

Training many marketers today to use technology is a band-aid that just briefly covers up the problem, until our marketing technology changes again a few months later.

So let’s stop focusing on training the wrong people and start focusing on hiring people with the interest in and aptitude for the technology we will use today and into the future.

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  1. says

    the section: “Because today’s marketers don’t want to deal with technology.”
    seems a bit harsh. In the case where “they don’t want” — I would say, dump your iPhone and close down your Twitter account. I face this all the time and find it very strange. This tends to be really true with older experienced marketers with deep domain knowledge (they know the field, products, customers and competitors) – sorry to make such a weeping generalization (about older marketers). One solution is to hire a younger (or more capable “digital”) specialist that will do some of the work (configure tools, edit HTML, design and process images) and also teach the others some skills. Overall GREAT topic and writing.

  2. Shashank says

    How can Digital Marketing help in improving revenues of a commodity product like fabrics which is generally sold B2B?


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