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  • michaelbrenner

    Hey Eric, I never read your stuff 😉

    • Commenting without reading now? A new low, and possibly inspiration for a future post. 😉 

      • michaelbrenner

        OK, seriously, there are days when I cannot read all the Triberr posts. Some very select authors I will share simply based on their title and only if I know the author is amazing (like you). Mostly I simply will chose to not share. 

  • One of my pet peeves, and one of the big reasons I was happy that Twitter required Triberr to stop auto-tweeting. It was way worse when Triberr auto-tweeted. Read before you tweet!!!

    • Although I agree with you, based on my stats it seems the change hasn’t created as big of a change in behavior as you would want. I suspect that today, Triberr is just one small part of the problem. The tendancy to share more, and care less about quality, extends well beyond Triberr these days.

      Thanks for taking the time to read, tweet and comment!

  • Great points, Eric. I see the same thing in Triberr. I try to read everything I share. I admit, there are a few people I will share blindly because they consistently create great content and I trust them, though my intent is always to go back and read them later if I can. Just this morning my post title asked a question. Several people retweeted it, and answered the question in their tweet, in a way that clearly means they never read the post. THAT drives me nuts. 

    • Hi Ken,

      Wow, I had conveniently forgotten about that one. Sarcastic titles (or even someone else putting some sarcasm on your title) and the Twitter flames began, assuming the 140 characters made your complete point.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  • Dwight Griesman

    Quality always plays. It builds relationships. Poor content burns relationships and limits future engagement possibilities.  The same applies to LinkedIn – numbers over quality leads to a weakened network – chasing the false idol of quantity in social, and in life leaves one empty.  Thanks for the post Eric

  • Remember me, Eric? I’m one of your ‘Crowdshifters’ tribe buddies! I never ‘approve’ your post from Triberr cpanel itself. Instead I read (count 10 out of 25 visits you got) and then SU, G+ and tweet for you. This time, commenting also. I’m doing this for all of my 204 tribemates along with 700+ friends on Twitter lists. Of course, as you mentioned, only I’ll share the content if I like it or my friends/followers will find it useful. And I’m a firm believer of reciprocating. Oversharing? Of course, I’m. Then again, you know.

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  • cecilyk

    And that right there is why I don’t use Tribrr.

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