Are Marketers Afraid to Sell?

Sitting in a meeting recently and reviewing various B2B sites, someone said “they even have a promotional offer with pricing on their site.”

It wasn’t a complement of their marketing prowess or focus. It was a knock, the final proof that this B2B marketer did not know how to market.

Say what? Solution selling and never undermining your value are anthems in marketing. But has it gone too far? Not everyone will compete on price and promotion, but does that mean no one should? [Read more…]

Is Free Costing You Your Social Media Reputation?

Advertised Price: Free. Real Price: Your Reputation and Influence.

How much will you pay for a service that saves you time in social media? Judging by the $1 to $10 per month price tags for a number of tools, outside of business accounts, it isn’t very much. However, increasingly companies are asking us to pay by promoting their products and services to our connections.

A number of tools and services are available for the cost of social promotion. I can imagine the mindset of those creating these tools:

  • Create word of mouth support for our offering.
  • Drive traffic and increase our advertising revenue.
  • Expand our user base and increase opportunity for a big cash out.

The challenge is, required sharing does not create credible word of mouth. and TrueTwit are both illustrations of the problems that arise when companies require promotion to your connections. [Read more…]