Are You Ready for Change?

Black DiceYou observe. You learn. You study. You make your plan. And your backup plan. And you move forward.

There’s just one complication: everything else continues to change.

Those changes will impact you. Your competitors went through a similar planning process. The economy rolls on, changing (or stagnating). People around you set their own plans into motion.

You must be ready to let go of the plan you invested months of your time and energy into and change course. [Read more…]

Three Key Requirements of Agile Marketing

Old SchoolhouseAre you ready to be an agile marketer? Are you ready to respond to a reality that is changing, in unexpected ways, around you?

I’ve had a recent (and continuing) personal lesson in agility. We just sold our house. It wasn’t on the market, and frankly, we didn’t think it would close.

In short, we were not ready. Now, we need a place to live. Fast. And our experience is reinforcing three key requirements to be agile in marketing, and in life. [Read more…]

Your Marketing Results Are Not In Your Control

Two weeks ago GoDaddy’s outage knocked numerous sites offline for an extended period of time.

On the same day, this site (B2B Digital Marketing, in case you are reading this elsewhere) received more search traffic than ever before.

Google search traffic was up 20% over the previous one-day high and was nearly 40% higher than the average from the prior three weeks.

The increase wasn’t because of great search engine optimization. It wasn’t because of great content. It was because other good (or better, according to Google) sites were simply not available, offline because of the GoDaddy outage. Traffic that would normally have gone elsewhere ended up here. [Read more…]