29 Signs You Need a Break From Marketing

You Need a BreakOver time, your role in marketing begins to permeate every part of your life.

You adopt behavior, language or perspective that is completely natural to you, but doesn’t make sense to anyone around you.

Just maybe, that means it is time to take a break. If more than a handful of these describe you, it is time to get to know, again, what the world beyond your marketing bubble is like.

  1. You attempt to type “camping” in a personal email. Your fingers instinctively type “campaign” instead.
  2. You refer to your grocery list as a shopping strategy.
  3. You see a content opportunity in everything.
  4. You attempt to decipher the intent behind marketing and advertising you see.
  5. You think the idea of talking to a brand on Facebook is completely natural.
  6. You know your target persona better than you know any real person in your target audience.
  7. You are convinced everyone should use Google+. Don’t they understand the SEO benefit?
  8. You believe LUMAscapes were created to make simple things look complicated. (And that means you know what a LUMAscape is too).
  9. You steadfastly believe email marketing is a good thing.
  10. You wish for the days before spam filters.
  11. You like seeing retargeted banner ads.
  12. You still read Adage religiously.
  13. You talk about the days before ad exchanges.
  14. You believe serving a banner to every internet user is your inalienable right.
  15. You believe print advertising is poised for a major comeback.
  16. You think CAN-SPAM was unnecessary and doesn’t actually do anything.
  17. You still believe taking 3 months or more to create a marketing plan is normal.
  18. You think mobile browsing is a fad that will pass soon.
  19. You know print is poised for a comeback. (Yes, that’s twice. That is how certain you are).
  20. You believe in advertising as a force for social good.
  21. You wake up panicked by the decrease in global Facebook members.
  22. You know what PTAT and EdgeRank are.
  23. You know any business without a social media presence will be out of business in five years (bonus: you know that statement was first made nearly four years ago. Really folks?)
  24. You still develop an annual campaign schedule every fall.
  25. You believe your brand is what you tell people it is.
  26. You know most people appreciate your marketing emails.
  27. You need a strategy for managing all your marketing strategies.
  28. You believe content is something marketers create.
  29. You talk to friends about your work and only slowly realize they have no idea what you are talking about.

Unfortunately, the first item here happened to me the other week and prompted this article. And yes, you could pin at least a couple more on me. Maybe it’s time for me to take a break!

Your Turn

Which ones describe you? Or if you aren’t ready to get so personal, which ones describe the marketers around you?

Let me know in the comments below or share your reaction with me on Twitter (@wittlake).

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  • Mary

    Found myself nodding my head and smiling in agreement to a few of these. I once in an email to the other half (Finance Director of a manufacturing company) said something along the lines of ‘maybe using this social media platform isn’t the best place for…’ and he just emailed back ‘WTF??’ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome. Glad it resonated, thanks for adding your story!

  • Ann

    Stopped talking about what I do a long time ago. Now when people ask what I do for a living I just say “Did I mention my husband makes beer?” Of course this is usually right after defending Facebook and Twitter as a force for social good.

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  • I read ads in magazines — still — and yes, print is poised for a comeback! When a TV is on in public places (I cut my own cable cord), I analyze the URLs in the commercials. URL goes to a home page? I laugh and think, “Clueless!”

    • You’ve definitely earned a break. Maybe one day this weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Very well written

  • Tracie Colter

    We all got a good laugh out of this…it’s easy to forget you’re at home when you critique every ad and website while checking different social media platforms…or did I mean while gardening?

  • Hamish

    I recently helped organise my sister’s wedding and came to blows with her because she had no idea about a communications strategy for it and she didn’t see the point of promoting it on Facebook or twitter or having a a blog about it.

    • Don’t worry, your sister will see the light soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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