7 B2B Content Marketing Lessons from Call of Duty 2

A documentary-style video featuring Oliver North? That definitely would not be marketing.

The video is entertaining. It is educational. It isn’t about a video game. But it is.

If you have not seen the documentary video for Call of Duty 2, you can watch it below. It is an example of content marketing that many B2B marketers can learn from. [Read more…]

B2B Marketing Meets Video: Insights from 21 Marketers

Just over half (52%) of B2B marketers are now using video, a 27% increase over the year before. However, that means nearly half of B2B marketers are not using video yet.

Last week for #B2Bchat I moderated a discussion on video in B2B marketing, including why B2B marketers should care, how to get started, production quality and tools and resources. A summary transcript from the discussion is below and is worth reviewing, there were a number of insights as well as individuals in the discussion worth connecting with.

Here are a few of my key takeaways from the discussion: [Read more…]

12 B2B Marketing Predictions for 2012

B2B Marketing Prediction PostI was recently informed that every marketing blogger must publish their predictions for the year ahead. So to claim my status as a blogger and not put my right to use WordPress at risk, here are my 12 serious predictions for B2B marketing in 2012.

Content Marketing

1. Name recognition will rule. Flooded with content, audiences will turn to recognized sources. High quality editorial, analysts and recognized thought leaders will rise above the clutter based on their names and reputations. [Read more…]

#NewNewTwitter: A New Opportunity for Marketers

Twitter announced a new interface, rolling out over the next few weeks, this morning. You can preview the interface and the new features at fly.twitter.com.

Compared to this change, the previous change to New Twitter (the current interface) was minor. This is a major change and for marketers, it is a far more interesting change. New brand pages give marketers a new home, but the changes to everyone’s stream is where the real opportunities are. [Read more…]

Part Two: Marketing Measurement and Pissing People Off

What type of online marketing just pisses people off? In part one, I listed marketing activities that were effective on paper but upset people until they fought back, with technology and legislation. No marketer wants their targets’ ire aimed at their own marketing. Today many brands avoid pop-ups for just this reason.

So what are marketers doing today that lacks respect and upsets their audience? Where is the next revolt? Here are my top five marketing tactics that upset people, and predictions for what shape a revolt will take.  [Read more…]