Google Analytics Is Underreporting Results from Twitter

Question MarkB2B marketers are undervaluing Twitter’s contribution to their business.

That’s hard to believe at a time when many B2B marketers are glomming on to Twitter like it’s the last shiny object opportunity they will ever have (even turning to spamming), but it’s true. It is happening because web analytics packages are dramatically underreporting traffic from Twitter.

How many leads came from Twitter? How many website visits? How many purchases? When your web analytics package doesn’t recognize that traffic is coming from Twitter, Twitter doesn’t get the credit it deserves. [Read more…]

A Nontraditional Application of Triberr: B2B Marketing

Triberr LogoTriberr. Just say the name on Twitter and you are likely to get responses that range from disdain that is only constrained by 140 characters to adoring love and affection. It is a lightening rod application.

  1. I believe as marketers and as individuals, we must serve our connections or audience if we have any desire to maintain and grow them.
  2. I use Triberr.

No, despite the reputation Triberr has with some people, these points are not contradictory.

As a marketer, if your social media program includes establishing individuals as participants in industry conversations, Triberr should be on your radar. [Read more…]