4 Ways to Plan for Unexpected Changes

As a marketer, you have carefully established plans. But are you ready for when things don’t go as planned?

Our son, Caleb, was born last weekend, but we expected him more than a week earlier. Although births are rarely predictable, we had attempted to plan, and our plans were completely thrown off.

As marketers, things often don’t go as we expect. You can develop Plans A through Z, but you will never have a plan for every possible development.

If the only constant is change, why does change so often take us by surprise?
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Influencer Marketing: 10 Questions for Successful Plans

I do not want you to buy my product. I do not even want you to use my product. I want other people to buy and use my products and services because of you.

Influencer marketing is fundamentally different. You are marketing to individuals that influence a decision made by someone else and your goal is to see that influence benefit you.

So how do you plan and measure an influencer marketing program? Here are 10 questions that will help refine your goals, the barriers marketing needs to overcome and how you can measure your campaign. From there, you can begin to develop your strategy and plan. [Read more…]