3 Common Problems with B2B Marketing Personas

Funhouse MirrorDeveloping personas is one of the first steps recommended by many B2B marketers. Understanding your audience is critical, and personas are one of the most effective solutions, right?

I recently had the privilege (cough) of reviewing personas created for a client by a large, respected agency. It was a stark reminder of how common bad personas are today.

Unfortunately, many B2B marketers are working with personas that do more harm than good. [Read more…]

Buyer Personas in B2B Marketing

Join #B2BChat on Twitter every Thursday at 8:00 PM EasternBuyer personas are a hot topic of discussion in the B2B marketing world, but how do you create the personas that you need and ensure you are getting the value you need out of them? Do you even need to create B2B buyer personas at all?

B2B buyer personas were the topic of discussion recently on #B2Bchat and the group shared their perspective on these and a number of other questions.

Here are three of the takeaways I came away from the conversation with: [Read more…]

Why Lead Scoring and Personas Need To Be Connected

Lead scoring and personas are popular topics in B2B marketing. However, the two are generally discussed separately.

Until B2B marketers begin talking about personas and lead scoring together they are missing an simple way to identify missed sales opportunities.

What if your objective is to deliver highly engaged leads to sales, but your persona indicates that sizable segments of your audience are not likely to engage with marketing content or even to register. [Read more…]