Why Marketing Benchmarks Are Bogus

B2B Email MarketingWe like to measure ourselves against something. We want to know that we are doing good work.

Is my my email click rate good? Is my search conversion rate where it should be? Is my brand lift above average?

Ummm, but what are you comparing yourself too? A number in some book or website, based on the results of businesses nothing like yours?

Stop. Now. [Read more…]

How Not to Manage Email Unsubscribes [4 Awful Examples]

Unsubscribing should be easy!

Let’s face it, email is convenient, but sometimes email marketing sucks. Today’s business buyers are flooded with email they do not want and it seems cannot get rid of.

The problem is, publishers and marketers rely heavily on email. In order to keep their subscriber counts high and continue getting their message out through email, they make unsubscribing an ardous process.

Here are four examples of unsubscribe process that tell your audience you don’t care what they want, as long as they stay on your email list. [Read more…]