You Are Not Building a Community

Ghost TownPicture an old town.

There is a town square, a general store, a watering hole or two in the town center and homes scattered beyond.

People know each other. More than that, they rely on each other. They gather together in large groups in the town center and in small groups in outlying homes.

Now a new family moves to town. They build a specialty store at one end of main street with an apartment above. They are certain their store will quickly become the key gathering spot in town. [Read more…]

Marketing Gimmicks versus Value: A Disappointing Example

B2B marketing often includes thought leadership in areas that are outside a company’s core product or service focus.

  • Omniture (now Adobe) wants to be a leader on driving business results with digital marketing, not just measurement.
  • Eloqua has an active voice on the entire spectrum of content marketing.

What happens when a company tries to align with something new to them? It could be a financial software package talking about supply chain management. Or a big cracker brand aligning with back to basics and real food.

In either case, the alignment must be believable. Here is an example that doesn’t make the grade and what B2B marketers can learn from it. [Read more…]