B2B Email List Guide: Buying, Renting or Building Your List

B2B Email List OptionsWhether you want to promote your upcoming webcast, send a multi-channel campaign, or give your telemarketing team a list of contacts to call down on, it starts with a list.

So should you rent, buy or build an email list? How much do the different options cost and when are they most appropriate? This guide will get you started. [Read more…]

Buying B2B Email Marketing Lists: Challenges and Recommendations

Email email emailBuying email marketing lists. It makes many think of the spam emails selling a database of millions of top executives.

The challenge with buying email marketing lists is you cannot easily judge quality until after you buy and few marketers understand the email list market.

This makes selling email marketing lists in particular fertile ground for scammers and many marketers have been burned by bad email lists. Telling the difference between good and bad providers can sometimes be difficult, as Welcome to the Murky World of Email List Sales outlined now more than three years ago. [Read more…]