2012: The Opportunity for the Few in the Year of More

Mark Schaefer posted an excellent article this morning: Your 2012 Marketing Plan: Tell Me What to Do. 2012 is the Year of More (credit to Mitch Joel), but we are all overwhelmed by more. The opportunity for marketers is to enable less, in the face of the crushing volume of more. If you haven’t already, go read Mark’s post.

I love the thought, but it isn’t that simple. Mark isn’t going to write 500 posts this year and publish three books (or at least I hope not!). He isn’t creating more, and he shouldn’t necessarily turn around and create less. Mark’s opportunity, and the opportunity for every marketer, is to become one of the few that we, the audience, turn to. [Read more…]

Give Us Freedom! Lessons for Corporate America

American Flag

In America, we relish our freedom. Many early European settlers to America were seeking freedom to live a Godly life, one they were not able to freely and openly live in Europe. Our nation’s founders fought to enshrine the freedom those early settlers came in search of when our nation was formed.

The formation of our country illustrates what happens when people are not allowed to pursue a course they firmly believe in. [Read more…]