Putting the Conversation Back into Twitter

http Callout BoxSome days it seems Twitter has moved from a social platform to a headline and link platform. I don’t know about you, but I miss the old days of Twitter where people shared insightful thoughts or strangers met through a conversation.

Communicating something useful or interesting in 140 characters was an art, and some practiced it well. This art is already being lost.

Today, 140 characters is just a promotion for 500 more words. [Read more…]

No!! LinkedIn Just Went Klout On Us!

If you have viewed a LinkedIn profile in the last couple days, chances are you have seen a new box at the top of the page prompting you to endorse the individuals skills.

Here is a screenshot of the endorse box on one of my connection’s profile page:

With one click, I can endorse Lauren’s skills in these five areas simply because we are connected. But wait, there’s more! Scroll down the page and there is a prominent call, again, to endorse Lauren!

Is this really a good idea? [Read more…]

Marketing ROI Is a Broken Metric

Marketing ROI MathYour marketing makes me dislike you. In fact, it makes me, once a potential customer, reconsider if I should even do business with you.

However, your marketing performance measurement doesn’t capture my disdain. I am simply one more individual that did not buy. I am just part of your standard drop-off rate.

How many more people like me are out there? More than you realize. [Read more…]

Five Biggest Infographic Mistakes Marketers Make

It seems there is another marketing infographic hiding around every corner of the web, and it will probably fall well short of its potential.

Instead of making information easier to consume, many infographics make it harder to understand the information they present or even outright mislead.

Here are 5 of the biggest infographic mistakes marketers make with an example of each. [Read more…]

4 B2B Marketing Myths

The B2B marketing community has become so focused on the journey they have lost sight of the destination.

The purpose of B2B marketing is not leads, relationships, content or branding. Social media, mobile, search and local are all irrelevant at the end of the day.

This focus on the day-to-day marketing and business activities has given rise to a number of B2B marketing myths. [Read more…]

9 Marketing Words That Have Lost Their Meaning

Thought Leadership Marketing ComicThe following 9 terms are so overused or misused in B2B marketing that they have lost nearly all meaning. If you are using these terms today, it is time to stop and explain what you really mean.

Otherwise, we may hear you, but we will think you mean something completely different. [Read more…]

The Most Dangerous Opinion in Marketing: Yours

How does your opinion influence your marketing activity?

  • Has your opinion ever biased your creative selection?
  • Has your personal experience with social media increased your perception of its marketing value?
  • Do your watching and reading habits influence the publishers you advertise with?

[Read more…]

There Is No Vending Machine For Marketing Qualified Leads

If you talk to a publisher or lead generation firm, it would seem leads have become a commodity. Nearly every B2B publisher offers lead generation under a broader heading of demand generation.

Here is a hypothetical, yet very realistic, snippet of a conversation with a publisher:

Marketer: We are looking for demand generation opportunities that will deliver leads for sales.
Publisher: Sure, we have a number of programs that will do that! What is your target audience?
Marketer: Rattles off target industry, role and seniority. Oh, and we have two new white papers we can use in this program.
Publisher: No problem, we can do that. How many leads do you need and when do you need them by?
Marketer: 500 by the end of the quarter.
Publisher: Shouldn’t be a problem, I will confirm inventory and get back to you tomorrow.

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