4 out of 5 Marketers are Zombies! [Infographic]

What, it’s changing? Quick, call it dead! Write an article about how social media is killing advertising!

Advertising is Dead. SEO is Dead. Television is Dead. Magazines are Dead. Newspapers are Dead. Websites are Dead. Agencies are Dead. Media companies are Dead.

Did TV kill radio? After more than 50 years, radio is still here. Like everything else, it has changed. Like everything else in marketing, it lives on.

See the pattern here? Most marketers want everything around them to be dead. But the only thing dead in marketing are marketers.

You see them all around. Marketers wandering the halls and invading meeting rooms. Look closely and you will see that 4 out of 5 of them are zombies. Here are three traits to look for.

1. Marketers Blindly Follow
They adopt the industry buzzwords and borrow “best practices” from those around them. They look to what everyone else is doing so they can copy it.

It might sound smart, but does it sound like everyone else too?

2. Marketers Repeat Over And Over Again.
Zombies do the same thing over and over again. Marketers do the same thing over and over, and over and over, again.

It worked 20 years ago (maybe when you were still one of the one-in-five living marketers), that doesn’t mean it will work now.

3. Marketers Want Everything Else To Be Like Them: Dead
As soon as an aspect of marketing has established that it has life, they attack, declaring it dead. Killed by an upstart with so little life force that it isn’t a threat (yet).

As final proof, I submit the following Social Media Zombie infographic. Everyone else is creating infographics, so the folks at Confused.com, purveyors of discount car insurance, apparently decided an infographic about social media zombies would help them sell more car insurance. This definitely should be included in the list of infographic mistakes marketers make.

Social media zombie infographic
Brought to you by Confused.com – You could save on your car insurance at Confused.com

Yes, this is a rant. No, I don’t believe most marketers are zombies, but I do believe they act like it.

Your Turn

What other signs of zombie marketers do you see? The comments are yours.

Image Credits:
Zombie by KellBailey on Flickr
Zombie Hand and Card by Kittisak / FreeDigitalPhotos.net // modified by author

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  • Loved this piece. I’m in marketing but came from sales and consulting. I arrived thinking I knew nothing about marketing but found out I was wrong…I knew plenty.

  • Dianna Huff

    Eric — This is why I stopped reading blogs — no one was saying anything new. So I started looking at what was going on with my own site and by golly, wow, I learned quite a bit! LOL Nice piece.

    • Wow. Yeah, I don’t blame you for quitting the blog circuit, in the rush to create something we are flooded with content that shouldn’t have been created / written.

      Nice job turning to your own site and experience for innovation. I’ve enjoyed the hands on perspectives you have had lately.

      Thanks for stopping by, even if this is a blog, and taking the time to comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Firas Bachi

    Hi Eric,

    From advertising point of view, it’s also true, and the worst part is that there are clients still thinking they can fool the smart customer with the polishing old-style advertising, and still paying budgets to attract social media followers through old media channels and vehicles !!! like announcing new smartphone app on a billboard!…. and then client blames his failure on the artwork and concept… ๐Ÿ™‚

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