Your Content Marketing Must Become Convenient

Look around you. There is a coffee shop on nearly every corner. Supermarkets offer one-stop shopping for all your needs. Your favorite TV shows are recorded or are available on demand, conveniently available anytime you want. Google and Wikipedia have put information on nearly any subject just a keystroke or click away.

In our personal lives, convenience is all around us and we expect it at every turn.

The question is, are you delivering convenience for your audience at every stage of the the buying process?

Why B2B Marketing Must Be Convenient

What does convenient marketing look like? In short, it means you are going out of your way to make buying convenient for your audience. If you are more difficult to work with, people will spend their time with your competitors.

Your competitor will educate them, will influence their perspective on what is important in a partner and will have an advantage competing for the business. All because they started as the more convenient option.

Making Your B2B Marketing Convenient

Here are three ways to deliver convenience to your audience and improve your marketing:

1. Let Your Audience Control Access
With DVRs and Video On Demand, we look for the content we like and we expect it to be easy to access. Similarly, your marketing content should be what people are looking for and be easy to access.

If your content is buried behind a registration wall or doesn’t deliver what your potential buyers are looking for, you have become an inconvenience, a wasted investment of time and attention.

2. Create Paths in Your Content
Why do you see multiple Starbucks locations on a single corner? One location, laid out to accomodate more customers, would be cheaper for Starbucks to lease, staff and manage. By being on every corner, Starbucks offers the ultimate caffienated convenience and keeps competitors from offering a similar convenience.

Similarly, your marketing should limit opportunities for competitors to get a foothold. Every piece of content and interaction should lead to another one. This is an area that many marketers are still overlooking. [More information: see my review of marketing content showing marketers are missing this opportunity]

3. Meet All Their Needs
Supermarkets offer one-stop shopping for everything on your list, from baby food to steak to denture adhesive. Do you offer everything your prospect is looking for?

When your audience spends time chasing down the information or services they need, you have missed the opportunity to become a one-stop, easy to navigate resource and with it, the opportunity to deliver them the ultimate convenience.

Your Turn

Will you be the convenient, one-stop shopping destination willing to work on your audience’s terms? If you are not, who else in your market will be?

Share your reaction in the comments below or with me on Twitter (@wittlake).

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  • David Crane

    Great article. With regard to certain types of content
    syndication, do you find it necessary to draw a line between convenience/limiting
    competitor opportunities, on the one hand, and inundating prospects with content,
    on the other? Your previous article “Marketing ROI is a Broken Metric” (another
    great post) comes to mind here, as it alludes to ways in which certain marketing
    tactics can negatively affect customer attitudes toward your brand.

    • Hi David, good point. Yes, there is a point where inundating people with content is an inconvenience (ie their inbox is cluttered), at that point it clearly no longer passes the test. Finding the right balance is partly an art, right?

      Thanks for the comment and kind words!

  • Fiona Lake

    Good reminder article Eric, sort of thing every business owner should revisit on a very regular basis.