Is Your Content the Young Lady or the Old Hag?

Illusion Drawing: A Young Lady or an Old WomanSure, your content is excellent. It is unbiased, educates and provides valuable advice and perspectives.

But is that how your audience sees it?

Depending on your perspective, you may see an old hag or a young lady in the drawing at the right. And once you see one, it can be difficult to switch and see the other perspective.

Marketers get caught in the same trap with their content. From your perspective, your content may be unique and valuable, but that isn’t the perspective that matters. The question is, how does your audience see your content?

If you can’t see it from your audience’s perspective, get someone independent to assess your content. Since perspective can be difficult to judge, here are three indicators you should get independent help:

  • You don’t know what your weakest content is.
  • You feel your competitors content is just a knockoff of your content.
  • Your best content is not driving the level of sharing or discussion you feel it should.

When your audience sees your content, do they see an old hag or a young lady?

Your Turn

Have you ever been disillusioned by your own content? I know I have been. So do this for me: tell me when I’m posting old hag content, and let me know if you want me to do the same for you. You can let me know in the comments or on Twitter (@wittlake).

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