Pinterest: How To See Who Pins Your Content & How Much Traffic They Drive

Reese's Cups in Magnifying GlassThe latest report shows Pinterest now drives more traffic than Twitter. You may want to know not just how much traffic Pinterest is driving but also what users are pinning your content and driving the most traffic.

Fortunately for marketers, Pinterest is one of the easiest platforms to track.

Recently I published tricks I have learned to discover who is sharing your content on Twitter and LinkedIn and how much traffic each is driving. Here is how to get the same information about Pinterest, even if you aren’t using Pinterest.

Who Pins Your Content on Pinterest

Today, Pinterest is one of the easiest platforms to track for small sites. All pins are consolidated by source at + For example, you can see all pins from at

Screenshot of Pinterest Pins from

Here are a few things to note when searching for your pins on Pinterest:

Once you identify who is sharing your information, you can identify specific boards and people you should be following or even reaching out too.

As Brad Shorr mentioned here, source URLs can be changed. This is sleuthing, no one said it was easy or foolproof!

How much traffic does each Pinterest pin drive?

Again, Pinterest is one of the easiest platforms to track. Every pin has a unique URL that is accessible in Google Analytics. Simply drill into Pinterest as a referrer in Google Analytics to see both how much traffic Pinterest is driving overall, the traffic from each individual pin.

From this page, you can link to each pin and quickly identify top traffic driving pins as well.

When looking at this information, it is important to note that each repin is tracked separately.

Your Turn

Tracking traffic from Pinterest is the easy part. Beyond infographics, are you seeing B2B marketers create content that is worth pinning? What recommendations do you have to encourage sharing content on Pinterest?

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  • Eng4kidsowner

    Thank you very much wonderful information.I look forward to more posts.

  • Hi. 
    interesting blog post 🙂
    It is also possible to track the use of the “pin-it” widget in Google Analytics, as you can see there :



  • sasankmukkamala

    “From this page, you can link to each pin and quickly identify top traffic driving pins as well.”

    I got stuck here… is this really possible?

    • Yes, just reconfirmed, it is really possible. The open new window icon to the right of each referring URL will open the source page, in this case the source page is the individual pin that drove the visits.

      Obviously you don’t want to go through hundreds like this, it is a manual process, but as a way to quickly see the top few pins driving the majority of Pinterest traffic, it is still a quick and easy solution.

      • Sasank Mukkamala

        Oh I read it wrong. You are saying we can find the individual pins that drove highest visits. But, what I was actually trying to track is the original pin which could have triggered repins and hence the visits through them. So not just direct 1st level traffic, but the indirect 2nd level traffic as well. Is that possible?

        PS: Sorry for the late reply. Missed the notification.

      • Sasank Mukkamala

        The basic problem is Pinterest splits the number of pins if there is a ref parameter in the URL, it ignores utm campaign parameters of google, it does not allow redirects. So I am not able to find a way to track the root pin which drives the overall traffic.

        • Sasank, you are right, there isn’t a good way to identify the root pin. I believe Pinterest used to show more information about the source pin, now you only see the user it was repinned from.

          In the case of one of my posts, that’s enough. There is a single user that pinned it. That one pin, and other pins repinned from that one user, represent a good portion. But if it is a broad range of pins, yeah, it is going to be a real challenge. I don’t know if some of the pin analytics packages will help here, if you find out though please let me know!

          • Sasank Mukkamala

            Tried most of the pin analytics packages, none of them seem to give this information. So, still figuring out a way. Will let you know if I find anything helpful.

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